Anonymous support online located across Europe


Account Status: Administrator, Design, Support

 Age: 19
 Sex: Male
 Country: Sweden (SE)
 Language: English, Swedish
 Blogs: The Dove of Stone,Our Voice

 Staff since: April 17, 2012
 Location: Västerbotten county, Sweden
 Account: Administrator, Designer, Support
 Occupation: Student, Songwriter, Pianist

Zaracaz’s Story

I haven’t got that much to say about my story, but I’ve decided to give it a go.
I have always been a person who could make new friends easily,
and I’ve got a wonderful caring family because we support each other.

Around five-six years ago, I went down in a depression which lead myself deeper
and deeper into myself and cut the wire from the outside world.
(something that I honestly regret at this point that I did but that happened).

I didn’t want help from anyone, I hid it behind the well known mask and yet…
A close friend of mine saw that something was wrong before I even noticed that myself.
The entire session was for about a year or a little longer, not more that one and a half.
I started to eat less, and I didn’t gained any weight at all, which resulted with me being taller but thinner, something that I don’t mind because I’ve had the same figure since, but it sure wasn’t healthy back then.

When I finally got back, I’ve got something with me.
The constant thought in the back of my head that makes me insecure about myself and and about what I do. I’ve had low thoughts about myself for quite a long time, which people that knows me might have noticed. Having low thoughts about yourself is tough, sometimes harder than others, so you’ve go to try to control those feelings, which is what I have done for the last couple of years, with more or less good results.

Since two years back in time, I decided to try helping others that haven’t found their way out of it yet, I haven’t found my way out of the low thoughts yet but I’m far away from how I used to be. During the last couple of years my life have crossed a turning point. From being unstable and insecure to almost break down again to be the person who I am today. New friends, new possibilities, hope, the will to make a difference and Love has made me the one who I am today. I have the people around me to thank for that. Trust, love and loyalty, things I’ve found from very unexpected places, united in everyday life, school, music and art.

I’ve helped my friends and people I talk to around the world as much as I can and it was in that way I met Meiskie.
In Meiskie’s story, I might be called Zaracaz or just Z for short.


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