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In memory of Ms. A. Cerullo, Italy

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~The following content is a news article~
Recently they have found the body of Ms. A. Cerullo on the street outside of her apartment in Venaria, Italy where she lived with her family. According to police authorities they suspect she has jumped out after repetitive harassments on, which is a site where you can ask people questions anonymously.
She left one message behind her: “There is no tomorrow” and then jumped from the sixth floor.
Investigations has shown that there has been people, one in perticuliar who told her to commit suicide with the statement: “Kill yourself, you’re a dog!” Another person attacked her appearance: “You’re hideous. How old are you – you look like a ten year old”.

According to Italian media, Ms. Cerullo is the third girl in Italy who has committed suicide as a result of harassments on in the last 12 months. Her computer and phone has been confiscated by police to be able to answer the question: “Why?” Her said in an article in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera┬áthat: “We don’t know why she did it. She felt like she was ugly and claimed that she would never be able to get a boyfriend.”
~Information taken from “Nyheter 24”, link shared via my FaceBook contacts~

This is a very sad story, not only that she was only 14 years old, but also that she fell victim for online harassments, cyber bullying, threats and several other factors that made her life feel too miserable to do anything about it. This is what I want to stop, it’s not easy to prevent it when it’s all you and the other person who sends these harassing e-mails or messages, especially on anonymous asking sites (no disrespect to, I personally know several people who uses it). No one is ever too ugly, no one is ever too bad for anyone, love and confidence can show up in the weirdest ways sometimes. Sometimes you need that help or third person who takes no side in the conflict and that can listen to you and try to help and keep you able to manage until things changes for the better. Compliments can make such a big difference for teenagers, there is a unknown world out there online that can lead to disastrous consequences for the relatives and for the victim alone.

We are here for a reason, to make people aware of these activities, to offer our help to people who need someone to talk to and to just talk to someone to let it out that they know won’t tell his/her friends or family about it. The stories given to us are well kept, we listen to you, together we can spread the word of Our voice and we can help more people to prevent bad things like these to happen again. Thinking about it, this was all cyber bullying but it was as affective as ever. It has to stop!

In memory of Aurora Cerullo, 14 years old, Venaria, Italy.

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