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Happy Friday 13th!

“Hi my fuzzy little batbutts”
sorry, couldn’t hold it back, just tickles when you say it

I know I’m not on here unless I really find someting but this time I’m turningmyself to all the people out there. I Jethro posted a while ago this link on VF and Ihaven’t got around to post it so I’m about to do that now;

This is an article from the online “Modern Woman Digest” site where someoneasked if she was too old for the goth clubs in because she was in her mid 30’s.Link: Goth clubs after 30 – sign of a loser?

A good and important question, but with a most awful reply by the professionalreporter Jane M Agni. I don’t know if to cry out of laughter or desperation of the level of her reply.  I’m just happy that all the comments further down the page are all against Jane, showing her that you can be alternative and be proud about it.

Stay strong, stay awesome and don’t be afraid to be who you are.Lastly, Oh My Goth this year went by quick, so much happened.

Happy friday 13th!

P.S. Considering on doing a facelift on this page and make a facebook page to spread the word and connect people.

P.P.S The Dove of Stone is currently shut down and you need my permission to go there, that as a result of a person from the municipality office tries to track me down and they’re far off. The blog will be up again when it’s safe. Until then, message me to get the permission.

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