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Nearly there!

‘Ello chumlets and chumlettes!
It’s nearly Chrimboli(known to most people as Christmas), and it’s nearly a year since I posted New Year’s.
I have had so many ups and downs this year. No, it didn’t go exactly like I wanted, but we don’t live in a perfect world, so what can I do about it? I take life as it is and I enjoy it.
Sometimes it’s not enjoyable, and I’ve been very stressed, and I’ve cried and been angry, and wanted to strangle a person or two this past year(you know who you are), but I’ve gotten through it. I’m now finishing my exam week before the holidays, and I have a thing or two to look forward to before I go on holiday.
Not everyone does, and I would like to wish you a lovely Chrimbo and New Year.
All those sayings about life(i.e: if life throws you lemons, make lemonade) sometimes seem like a load of BS, because it’s not that easy… everything is easier said than done. Absolutely everything.
Nothing is easy, everything is harder than we expect, and nothing goes the way we want or expect it to go. My year didn’t go as I wanted it to go, and I’ve lost a lot of people that I love a lot, and I miss them. Some things have fallen to pieces around me, and I couldn’t catch them on time to stop them from shattering; other things I’ve dropped myself and broken. I’ve glued some things back together; others I’ve swept under the carpet and tried(unsuccessfully) to forget; some things I put back together but lost some pieces; some things I started putting back together but realised that it’s pointless.
I’ve lost a couple of friends, I’ve lost some family, I’ve gained a few friends and I’ll be getting a new family member soon…
None of it compares to what some of you go through. Either because you have no family, or your family situation isn’t good, or you have no friends, you have things that prevent you from socialising… or many other different things. Some of you might have to take care of your parents, or someone is getting all the attention for some reason so you’re ignored… It makes me so angry that a lot of you don’t have a nice Christmas because of that. It really does. I just want to go to your house, pick you up, take you with me and show you how Christmas can be. How it can be fun for everyone, no matter their sex, age, size, health or situation. Everyone deserves a good Chrimbo, and life is bitchy enough to not give that to some people. I hope you will get it some day, and I hope that you can let go of some of the bad things that have happened this year.

I hope that, despite everything, you have a nice Chrimboli… and I hope you’ll remember that you’re never alone… We’re here. (And yes, we’re really people!)

In my dreams and in my thoughts, I have each and every one of you with me at Christmas, making you have a good time and showing what Christmas can be.
Take care of yourselves, there’s someone out there that will fall in love with you for you, even if no one else does.
MWAH! Merry Chrimboli and Happy New Year everyone!


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