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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Today, 25th November 2013, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
If you’ve read Meiskie’s Story, you’ll know that this day is very important to me because I have been in that situation.
Abuse isn’t only physical. It’s also psychological.
More women suffer from psychological abuse than physical abuse, and one is just as bad as the other. I know that it’s also reversed, that men receive abuse, Chris is the perfect example of that, but this day is dedicated to the women, because it’s much more common.
So, I was one of these women once. Actually, I was only just a teenager. However, I know of more cases of abuse, that are much worse than my own.
The rate of deaths of the female population by abuse is actually higher than that of car crashes or other accidents. That says a lot.
People get educated about this more and more every year, and women are becoming more and more powerful in society… and yet, those rates are going through the roof.
And then there are the children of the women, and sometimes men, living in these situations. Those children are scarred for life, and a lot of the time end up being abusers themselves.

I was a victim of mental and emotional abuse from one person, and a victim of mental, emotional and (sometimes) physical abuse at school. I was 12-13 then, and now, around 3-4 years later, I’m out of both of those situations, but they still affect me a lot. Imagine me, a person that hasn’t been through anything compared to some, being affected by what has happened… Now, imagine a person that can’t get out, that can’t speak up, that can’t defend herself, and is in a much worse situation than what I was in. I could cut myself off, but what if you’re married to your abuser, or your abuser is your boyfriend? You can’t get away so easily, and it’s pure Hell. Imagine how scarred some of these women are, mentally and physically. Some women end up having anxiety and/or panic attacks, being scared to go out and their lives are ruined. It’s only with a lot of help, patience and love that they can go back to being even a quater of how they were before the abuse.

Have a minute of silence for these women, and in memory of the ones that have died at the hands of their abusers…

Thank you,
Meiskie x

Anyone that wants to talk to us, about anything, can contact us at
We’re here to help.


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