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Hello lovelies!
Well, I finally got another story. I’ve known this story for a long time, because it’s one of my friends that this has happened to. I was thinking long and hard about whether to publish this. In the end, I decided I would. Obviously, if not I wouldn’t be writing this. The name of my friend has been changed.

On to the story:
It was around three years ago. He’s my best friend and he’s very happy nowadays.
Chris went out with a boy called Derek. Derek was sweet and kind, the perfect boyfriend. He was tall, he had snake-bites, which Chris has always loved, he had beautiful dark eyes and he was 18. Chris was completely in love with him. Even I liked him, and I’m a hard person to please at times.
However, Derek started to become possessive. Possessive to the point of always wanting to know what Chris was doing at all times and constantly calling him. Once, Derek took Chris out in his car. They were going to go shopping together. However, Derek didn’t let Chris out of the car. Derek locked Chris in the car and went shopping on his own. Chris was lucky that Derek had parked in the shade and wasn’t gone for that long, if not he would have died of the heat or he would have suffocated. When Derek got back, he pretended nothing was wrong and kissed Chris. Chris just went along with it, because he knew that as soon as he complained, he’d get into real trouble and Derek would go crazy. So, he let Derek kiss him and drive him home. Once Derek dropped him off, he locked himself in his room, broke his phone and deleted all his social network accounts. He also started cutting, really badly. He still has very visible scars on his wrists. Apparently, Derek had also called him all kinds of names and degraded him as much as Joey degraded me.
Anyway, Chris’ sister found out about what Derek had become like and she called the police.
Chris got a restraint order against Derek, and Derek eventually gave up and left.
He didn’t stop cutting until last year, with lots and lots of help, and he is a very likeable, happy person.
I know possessive boyfriends are very common, and to the extent of what Derek did too. I’ve been in a relationship like that, and I know there are people that have boyfriends and girlfriends like that. The brother of a friend recently broke up with his girlfriend because she never let him go out, never let him see his friends and was really mean to him.
‘Chris’ recovered, but it wasn’t easy. It’s never easy, but he did it. You all can too. Anyone that has been in that situation can eventually, no matter how long it takes.
See you, take care of yourselves and remember… we’re always here to talk!


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