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Adam J. Jackson

Hello again. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time!
After my last post, a family member passed away, and another two got diagnosed with cancer, so I was worrying about them… And some other family things. And then school started. Week three I had a breakdown at school… I think it was part panic-attack and part frustration. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I have some back problems that cause me a lot of pain sometimes and stop me from running. And the frustration of not being able to join in with P.E made me really upset, along with the backpains… well… it didn’t go well.
The school psychologist heard, and gave me a book. That’s where the name of this post comes from. The author of the book is called Adam J. Jackson. The book is called 10 Scecrets of Abundant Happiness.
At first I thought it would be boring and useless, but after the first couple of chapters I started to really like it.
The book is ten chapters, and every chapter tells a story about the Secrets.
To be honest, doing all the things to be happy would take up literally all of my time, so I wouldn’t have any free time to do homework or anything, so I can’t do them all, but it did help me realise the things I do wrong in my life that I can get rid of easily.
Also, buy the occasional prezzie for anyone you care about. You may not receive anything in return, but giving someone something and seeing them smile makes you feel good about yourself.
I recommend the book to anyone who feels sad, alone, worthless, useless, depressed, etc. It will help, even if it’s just in a little, tiny way.

Take care of yourselves my lovelies, I will try to post again soon!!!


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