Anonymous support online located across Europe


Hello my friendly readers!
Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a loooooooooong time! And apparently Z and SoulSister haven’t posted either… Hmm… I’ll talk to them about that.
Anyway. The point of this is to apologise. I am so so so so so sorry I haven’t posted anything! I hope you’re all okay!
This is a useless post, but just to let you know that I’m trying my best to find a person’s story… It would be nice if you helped me by sending links, your own story(no matter how insignificant) or the story of someone you know! I’ll keep searching. Please help me somehow! Even if it’s just a name!

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves… Contact any three of us for anything, useless, useful, important or unimportant.

See you in the next post, hopefully it will be a story!


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