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Hello again,

I’m going to be doing a blog post about an Italian boy nicknamed ‘AS’ soon…

Back to the point of this blog post. It’s about perfection.

Perfection is when something or someone has no flaws, no faults, nothing wrong. There are many kinds of perfection. Physical perfection, inner perfection, personal perfection, etc.

Physical perfection, especially on a human being, is plain and simple IMPOSSIBLE. It is not possible, no matter how you look at it. Everyone has their own opinion of something, so nothing is perfect. Nothing and no one is completely perfect. You could be the most beautiful girl/handsome guy  in your school, but that doesn’t make you perfect. It is not possible, no matter how much make-up you slap on, how much you work out, how much botox and plastic surgery you’ve had or how many different colours your hair has been.

So, to all those people that think they are better than us because of how they look ‘perfect’: you don’t. Deal with it.

Personal perfection is your own definition of perfect. When you meet someone, you might think that they look perfect, but that is YOUR opinion. Not everyone has that same opinion. When you meet someone, and you get to know them well, they are often perfect to you. That’s because you see what’s on the inside.

Inner perfection IS POSSIBLE. When you see someone for who they are on the inside, you no longer focus on the outside, you don’t think of how they might cut their nails too short, or how they might be too thin or overweight, if their hair is styled properly, if they dress the right way, etc.
Someone who you think is perfect is someone who you see for who they really are and you like them that way. Their flaws, whatever they may be, just make them more perfect. So that person could have a temper, or could let people push him/her around, or could be weird or crazy or shy or paranoid, but none of it is a bad thing in your eyes. There is nothing imperfect about them.

Those are the differences between physical perfection, inner perfection and personal perfection. Physical is impossible and based on your own opinion that not everyone shares, so it’s a subjective thing(it can change depending on the person’s opinion). Personal perfection is also subjective depending on the person, but it can exist to you, making it objective to you. Physical is just your OPINION, personal is REAL TO YOU AND CANNOT CHANGE.
Inner perfection is possible. It’s something that will never, ever, ever change in your head(unless that person has done something to really, really piss you off/hurt you) so it’s objective. Yes, it is different for every person, but to you it’s there. Example: a tree exists. Example 2: the person you’re in love with is perfect to you.

It’s set in stone in your head and cannot change.

I have no idea if I have made this clear, but it’s worth a try. You are not physically perfect, you can seem physically perfect to someone, and you are perfect on the inside to someone.

It comes across that I’m a total bitch to some of you, I get that, but I’m not. I’m telling the truth, and a lot of people see that truth, others are in denial and others have never had a chance to deal with that truth… I just hope that you see my point. If you’re in denial, think about it and you’ll see that what I say(write?) is true. Think about the people you know. The people you see as they really are. I’m sure there are some you love, some you hate, some you like and some you don’t like. And some that are just neutral to you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
I hope someone gives you some love today. I have a few people, and that’s enough for me. I hope you have the same, and, if you don’t, we want you to know that you’ll have it someday, somehow.


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