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Never Surrender

I was listening to a song by Skillet earlier, and it made me think about us.(Us=all the unheard, outcasts, etc.)
It’s about not wanting to live how you do, wanting to be someone else, being scared of yourself and also about wanting to surrender and give in to everything.
It’s hard being someone you don’t want to be. Wearing clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories that you don’t like, that aren’t your style. Talking the way those people talk, walking the way they walk, acting and reacting the way they do.
I’ve done that to try and get friends. The second I decided to come out of the shell I’d hidden in, I was looked at by my friends like I was an alien. And that hurts. Like hell.
A lot of people make that same mistake, a lot of people end up unhappy because of it.
If you’ve been in this situation, and gotten out of it in any way(be it the way I did, or for some other way), then you should know what I mean.
If you’re in this situation and you think it’ll all work out when you show your trusted friends the real you, I can’t guarantee that it’ll have a happy ending. The most likely thing is that you’ll end up the way you did before. Maybe someone will stick with you, and that person is a real friend. But, my advice is to never be someone you’re not.
And do you know why?
Because if they didn’t accept you before you walked and talked, acted and reacted the way they do, they’re not true friends.
Because it’s a classic way of surrendering. And we’re more stubborn, stronger than that! We WON’T give in, we WON’T let people change us, we WON’T hide ourselves.
Because, as Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides said once, you’re happier as yourself than as someone else, no matter how much shit you get.
Now think to yourself,
Am I truly happy with who I am?
Am I truly happy with hiding?
Am I just hiding because I’m scared?
Am I myself?
Do I really like what I say I like?
Do they really understand me?
When I asked myself those question, my answers were:
So, the next day, I wore what I wanted, I walked how I wanted, I talked how I wanted, I acted and reacted how I wanted, and I suddenly became a disgusting alien to them. Yes, it hurt. But I couldn’t be bothered to care, because I AM HAPPY WITH MYSELF. There’s always minor things that pop up that I think ‘Hmm… don’t like that about myself’ or something, but they’re a part of the real me so I don’t change it.

I have a hard time, yes. I get bullied, teased and ignored, yes. I feel like surrendering and let them transform me, yes. I’m strong, but not that strong… some of the people reading this are a million times stronger than I am. So, if I can go through it, you can too. Believe me. I’d tell you to trust me, but I’m sure a few people have trust issues, so I won’t say that. Personal experience, as you might know from Meiskie’s Story.
If you dress in a certain way, no matter if it’s what’s in the fashion magazines, or what your friends wear, if you don’t like it, don’t dress it. The same with walk, talk, act and react.
Be yourself. It’s being free, and being free is being happy.

You can contact us, anyone of us or someone specifically(Zaracaz, SoulSister or Meiskie) via the Email and MSN:
If this post has made you think, either about who you were that wasn’t you, or about being someone you’re not and wanting to change it soon… I hope it work(s)(ed) out.
To the ones that have gotten out of it, CONGRATULATIONS!
To the ones wanting to get out of it, GOOD LUCK AND YOU’LL BE HAPPIER IN THE LONG RUN.
“Do you know what it’s like, to wanna surrender?” – Skillet. I’m sure most of us can answer that question with a ‘Yes.’ Think about it…


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