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Meiskie’s Reasons.

These are my reasons for wanting this blog…
I’m writing this as a teenager who didn’t have anyone she could talk to for a few years, who had no one she could trust, who wants to be heard and can relate to how other teenagers like her feel.
To have no one to help you, no one to take care of you or tell you to take care of yourself is lonely. Some people like being alone, but they usually have someone somewhere who they don’t mind being around, so they aren’t lonely. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely.
Someone who has no one will have no one to tell them they love them, no one to tell them to not do it. So a lot commit suicide and cut.
Let’s go to the girl who killed herself the other day, because of unaccepting, class A, motherfucking PRICKS.
She didn’t have anyone, and the only way she could find relief from the pain was dying. Imagine what it feels like, your only way out is death. You trust no one, you’re not loved, people hate you for something you probably haven’t ever done, people do not accept you for you. It’s the worst feeling in the world.
Now let’s go to the conversation I had with my mother and brother last night.
They think that people who cut are idiots, weak and stupid. They don’t realize the respect they should have for them.
They have gone through a life of abuse and hate, and they find relief in cutting. Let them do it, accept and respect them, because it’s their coping mechanism and they know it’s wrong, and they WILL stop someday. They’ll find someone they can trust, someone they can talk to and vent to, and the pain will slowly recede. Not overnight, hell no, but in the long run. With a lot of determination they will stop. This is the same with a lot of things. Reading to go to another world, over doing it with sports, drawing what you feel, writing how you feel. There are many more examples, but these are the most common.
Picture this:
Someone that’s stressed out smokes.
Someone that’s in mental agony cuts.
Now I have three questions:
Which one is worse: stress or mental agony?
Which one is worse: smoking or cutting?
Which one gives you lung cancer(usually terminal), which one gives you cureable anemia?
Think about that, because people that smoke because of stress are more pathetic, yet more accepted than people that cut, that are amazingly strong despite their pain.
This is what Black Veil Brides, along with many other bands, is trying to make the world to see, this is what the Army of Outcasts(be it BVB’s Army, BOTDF’s Slash Gash Terror Crew, or some other group of Outcasts) are shouting on the inside, yet no one listens. We dress the way we do because it shows that we respect difference. We listen to the music we listen to because it accepts us. The lyrics are our life, the bands and singers are our idols.
We act the way we do because no one takes the time to even try to listen to us, to be accepting. We become shy, quiet and we don’t know how to talk to other people that we don’t know. They don’t even have to understand, they just have to accept. We are constantly defending ourselves from pain, making us ‘antisocial freaks’, as many people have put it. So what? We live more than they do. We know who we are, we respect everything and everyone if they deserve to be respected, and still you hate on us.
There are so many examples I could give you. And this isn’t only about the ones who dress in black. It’s also the ones pretending to be someone they’re not to try and fit in, so that they don’t get bullied. I once read a book, the girl was a cheerleader, so was her sister. Her sister killed herself because she was unhappy, and the girl is unhappy too. She’s the stereotypical preppy cheerleader. She meets someone who brings out the real her, and then she is suddenly happy around him. Eventually, she doesn’t hide who she is, and she dresses how she wants, not how she’s expected to. A lot of people start ignoring her or spreading rumours about her, and she’s still happier than she was as someone she wasn’t. Every single one of these people I’m mentioning, I’ve been in some way. And nothing makes you happy, except for being yourself, even if you do get bullied, or if you’re unaccepted. That doesn’t matter. As long as you are yourself.
The Army of Outcasts is going to take the world by storm and I’m standing in the front lines to fight the battles I still have to fight. I am fighting for people like me, people who need to be heard. And I’m screaming so loud, Andromeda Galaxy is going to hear me.
This thing I’m writing, whatever the hell it is, isn’t about me. I’m giving my story because I have no other story to give that I know all the details of. I know Z suffers on a near daily basis from what’s happened to him, I know EmoBoy suffers from what has happened to him, I know Al has trouble with his anger and depression from what has been done to him. I know SoulSister hasn’t had it easy either. I know that that girl in northern Spain had NO ONE to help her, I know she was completely alone, but I didn’t know her or her story completely. I know she got bullied, I know she got hated, I can imagine how she felt, and I feel for her, but I do not know the details.
This is about the people that aren’t heard, that are laughed at, that are told that they’re crazy, that have no one to help them, no one they can be themselves around. This is about their lives, their future and their battles. My worst battle has been fought, I can tell my story without any pain, and I’m strong enough to help others, but I can’t do it alone.
I need everyone to hear my voice, I need this to spread like the Gangnam Style, and I need people to think about what they say and do to other people, and how it could affect them. I do not want fame, I want acceptance for people like me.
Despite what parents think, they can’t be there for everything. The hardest thing you can do is talk to your parents about it, because you want to protect them.
We are everywhere, yet we are unseen and unheard. Every word that comes out of our mouths is just some annoying buzzing in people’s ears, and we get swatted away in the form of bullying and hating.
I’m begging everyone to help, to stop bullying, to think about how other people feel. How can people say this planet is full of ‘equality’ and ‘acceptance’ if a lot of people get ignored and bullied for who they are?
I’m done standing in the shadows, just like BVB, BOTDF, etc. are. I haven’t heard anything from them(obviously), but this is the fight they’re trying to fight, they need our support, and they need an army of people that want and need to be heard to help them.
BVB is my idol, and, in Andy Biersack’s words, BVB is our shield we can hide behind when we’re down because of those motherfuckers that give us shit, and the rest of the fans are the Army of Outcasts, the fighters, will be heard someday.
I’ve gotten past everything that’s been thrown my way, and I know many people have had it worse than I do, but to know that someone is there for you is a nice feeling… Please listen to our voices, listen to our reasons and don’t hate us for who we are. We are not afraid of being who we are, despite the hate we get. I’m just some random teenager, but I’m someone who wants to make a change. And I will, somehow, someday. I need your help first though.
It’s not about me or you getting some kind of fame from this, it’s not about a reward, it’s about listening and accepting.
And if you want a reward for it, do you know what it will be? Making someone else feel good. That is why I’m doing this, why I want you to do this.
No matter how you were raised, it’s not an excuse to call someone names, beat someone up. If you’re a homophobe, ignore homosexuals. If you have anger problems, go to anger management, or punch a wall, not a person; if you’re just a plain old unnaccepting jerk, there’s no cure for it. But you can stay the hell away from us. Stop ganging up on someone smaller than you. Not necessarily physically, could also be mentally. Think about things before you do them.
Spread this thing, tell everyone you know, stop bullying, hating and unacceptance. Be fair, make a change and stop someone from dying.
And it’s not only about bullying. I’m writing how we feel when people do certain things to us. Bullying is a massive reason as to why we feel the way we do, but it isn’t the main topic of all of this. The stories that Z, SoulSister and myself are going to tell are the stories of the people that wanted to be heard, but weren’t. We’re going to tell their stories, our own stories and we’re going to talk about how those unheard voices felt as unaccepted teenagers.
“Never Give In” – BVB
“Rise and Shine” – BOTDF

Contact any of us via e-mail:


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