Anonymous support online located across Europe

Welcome to Our Voice


We who started the Our Voice Project are a small group of teenagers across Europe, with a vision to put a light on:
Anorexia, Bullying, Depression, Insecurity, Low Self Esteem, Stress, Self Harm.
We want to be there for you and for people who are in need of:
Someone to talk to about what’s happening in their life, we are here to listen to your story.
Someone who needs to ask some question to understand.
Someone who wants to get a third point of view of their thoughts, to ask questions, those who need advice.

Our Philosophy
No matter how you were raised, no matter where you grew up, there is no excuse to call someone names, to bully someone or to even beat someone up. If you’re a homophobe, please ignore the homosexuals. If you have anger problems, please go to anger management, as long as you don’t hurt a person. No one should gang up on someone smaller than him or her, physically or mentally.

No person should have to be judged incorrectly, beaten up or bullied because that person is being who they are, because of their character, illnesses, disabilities or style, we are all different. People are already suffering silently from depression, eating disorders and self-harm, just to mention a few. No matter if you’ve been diagnosed, had therapy, been fighting it on your own or need someone to talk to about problems, input or just about anything, feel free to contact us in any way you want and we’ll try together to make this world a better place.

Help us spread this, tell everyone you know, in our fight to stop bullying, hating and unacceptance.
A person you’ve told about us might contact us without telling you because he/she needs to talk about things to someone without any risks of getting in trouble where they live for seeking help. Be fair, make a change and stop someone from dying. Or maybe share your story to us by sending it in, you can stay anonymous if you want, see examples here:  Stories Page

Contact us via:
Comment/inbox: (private requests stays unpublished)
IM services: So far we’re on Skype (Facebook planned if requested)

We will listen to you and your story.

//The Our Voice team


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